A practical year student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike commits suicide


By John law

As reports may have it, Mouau student yesterday committed suicide  at his lodge.  A popular lodge known as Snow lodge in the outskirts of umuariaga close to seed of David been were the student whose name was disclosed as Louis Chigozirim Ihejirika a final year student  lived.

He was found dead still hanging and dangling on the rope in his room.

According to police investigation they suspected a fowl play, the boy was dead before being hanged, it was just staged.

However, the scene looks like what was manipulated, he was killed and hanged so as to make it look like a suicide. The roommate was arrested after the police came because it seemed he had a problem that involves money.


After interviewing one of his friends who claimed that “The sad incident happened, yesterday, at his hostel, Snow lodge, Umuariaga. It was gathered that he locked the door and closed the windows before committing the act.

When access was eventually gained into his room, Ihejirika was found dangling from the ceiling fan. The police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

His close friend, Nwachukwu Stella who announed his demise wrote:

“With a heavy heart we the 400L students of B.agric (SIWES STUDENTS) announces the death of one of us by name Louis chigozirim Ihejirika who died mysteriously by hanging himself”, at first we taught it was a joke but on getting to the scene ground I saw my man already dead, the whole doors and windows was locked but with the help of the 3 guys who went with me the almaco was forced open and behold Louis on a ceiling fan hook with white polo and his black jean trouser already dead.

I know we can’t question God but I strongly believe he should have an answer and reason behind this death,as we embark on a prayer we believe God will reveal everything hidden in the eyes of man that propelled this handsome,brilliant and sound young man to take his own life by Hanging.

Louis you have been my close friend and departmental mate but at this point I am heartbroken because there is nothing in this life that can make you take your own life without seeking my advice. But I pray God to give your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss”.

The police made it clear in a statement issued that the incident was a suspected fowl play which was made to make it look like the boy hung himself  “the boy was already dead and the crime scene was like the boy was manipulated and killed, he was hung as to make it look like he committed suicide”

2 thoughts on “A practical year student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike commits suicide

  1. Hmm so bad what must have been the cause


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