Live updates: INEC begins official declaration of presidential election results
LIVE Updated: 6:28 AM

As anxiety continues around Nigeria over the outcome of the presidential election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday, February 23, the electoral umpire is fully prepared for the results.
The chairman of INEC, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, the spokesperson of the APC presidential campaign council, Festus Keyamo, and the comptroller-general of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) reportedly arrived the collation centre minutes ago for the commencement of the announcement of results.
The election was peaceful across the nation except in Bayelsa, Rivers, Lagos and pocket of other areas where violence marred the exercise with some Nigerians killed and some others arrested for electoral offences which included burning of electoral materials .Shortly after conveying at the national collation centre, INEC chairman Yakubu declared collation centre open and set ground rule for all parties and interested individuals present.
Afterwards, key commission officers present at the high table were all introduced.
Party members agents also introduced themselves. The Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali introduced himself as the agent for the APC.
Shortly after the introductions, INEC chairman Yakubu adjourned collation to Monday, February 25.
Mahmood said: “During the course of the proceedings there may be interludes and adjournments. This is to hereby announce the adjournment of this proceedings to 11 am on Monday, February 25. Thank you and God bless.”
Collation commences at 11am today, Monday, February 25. Follow our live updates here as we bring to you accurate official results from the national collation centre.
Don’t forget to refresh your browser always for fresh updates.
Updated: Feb 25 11:30 AM
Collation about to start as INEC chairman speaks
The collation centre is filled up. The INEC chairman and other INEC principal staff members are present.Mahmood announces the opening of the collation of results for Monday, February 25.
The INEC chairman already speaking, displaying and explaining all the necessary forms/papers used by the electoral body.
Updated: Feb 25 11:40 AM
INEC chairman makes a presentation of the collation result sheets
Mahmood makes a presentation of the collation result sheets in alphabetical order starting with Abia state.
Updated: Feb 25 12:30 PM
Next state, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, the vice chancellor of the University of Lagos , introduces himself as the collation officer for Osun state.RESULTS:
ANN – 268
ANP – 67
ANRP – 155
APA – 1897
APC – 347,634
GDPN – 1,081
RAP – 49
MPN – 53
KP – 46
PT – 89
PDP – 337,377
UPN – 45
WTPN – 19
YPP – 189
Total valid votes – 714,682
Rejected votes – 17,200
Total votes cast – 732,882NOTE: The result, according to the collation officer, was signed by 20 party agents.
The electoral officer said 12,082 were cancelled after reconciliation due to cases of over voting from some local government areas.
Updated: Feb 25 12:46 PM
How APC and PDP stand after two states announced
APC – 566,865
PDP – 491,409RESULTS COLLATION: Ekiti state
Live updates: INEC begins official declaration of presidential election results
The Ekiti state collation officer, Professor Olayinka Idowu, has started announcing the results of the presidential election in Ekiti state.
APC – 219,231
APGA – 39
PDP – 154,032
PPA – 253
PPC – 126
PPN – 49
PT – 20
RAP – 14
RBNP – 11
RP – 6
SDP – 48
SNC – 339
SNP – 37
UDP – 17
UP – 11
UPN – 20
WTPN – 10
YES – 11
YPP – 68
Total valid votes for 16 local government areas in Ekiti – 381,132
Rejected votes – 12,577 votes
Total votes cast – 393,709
NOTE: Idowu said the result was as collated by himself and signed by two party agents.
After the announcement, the collation officer handed over Ekiti presidential result sheets to the INEC chairman.Collation adjourned, resumes 2.30pm
The INEC chairman said the next states will take up to one hour to present.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed by the collation secretariat that the next states will take up to one hour. Can we adjourn and reconvene?,” he asked.
The audience chorused: “Yes.”
“Okay, we adjourn and reconvene at 2.30 pm,” the INEC boss said.RESULTS COLLATION: FCT
INEC chairman, Mahmood reconvenes collation of the presidential election results.
Mohammed Sali Suleiman, VC for Nasarawa State University set to present results from FCT.
A – 69
AA – 51
AAC – 583
ACPN – 48
ADP – 145
ANP – 82
ANRP – 205
APC – 152,224
APGA – 255
BNPP – 19
CAP – 36
DPP – 284
FRESH – 76
GDPN – 501
GPN – 75
JMPP – 70
MAJA – 32
MMN – 165
NCMP – 19
NIP – 30
NPC – 127
NRM – 49
NUP – 123
PCP – 2921
PDP – 259,997
UDP – 19
UPN – 12
WTPN – 6
YES – 26
YPP – 1,083
The total number of valid votes in FCT – 423,951
Rejected votes – 27,457
Total votes cast – 451,408
NOTE: The collation officer reported that he has only one polling unit in Kuje where election did not hold on Saturday, February 23.
He, however, said that the election later took place on Sunday, February 24, and that the result for the unit is contained in the announced result.
He also stated that there was a total of 1,335,015 registered voters; 467,784 accredited vote.

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